7th October 2012 – Rev. John Williams

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Hello and welcome to Bethel Evangelical Church in Gorseinon and thank you for checking out this weeks sermon recordings.

The 7th of October’s services were led by our pastor, Rev. John Williams.

John’s morning service continued on with the series of Philippians, reading from chapter 4, and the opening seven verses. Concentrating on the opening three verses, Paul seeks to remind the church of their responsibilities as a church, the things that unite them and the things they should look towards to ‘keep them together’. But as the church faces troubles and difficulties and personally in their lives the importance of continuing their witness, this was a call to encourage, support and come along side each other in times of difficulties and to look to God for his strength at all times. John had three points, and they were:

  • (Verse 1) Stand Firm In The Lord
  • (Verse 2) Stay In Agreement
  • (Verse 3) Support Each Other

This was also a communion service.

John’s evening service moved into the first chapter of Isaiah, and the opening 20 verses. This chapter covers a vivid description of a rebellious city, that despite of being reared under Gods word, and how their actions and their demeanour by turning away from the only means of repentance and salvation will have eternal consequences of judgement and punishment. But these verses speak of and despite of our disobedience, we still have a path of escape provided by Gods grace. John had 3 points to the sermon, and they were:

  • (Verse 18) Remarkable Call
  • (Verse 18) Radical Cleansing
  • (Verses 19-20) Real Consequence

Here are more informative details of the both services:

Morning Service:
Bible Reading & Sermon: Rev. John Williams Reading: Philippians 4:1-7

Hymns Sung:

#349 (Christian Hymns) – ‘Jesus, Lord, We Look To Thee’
#111 (Songs Of Fellowship) – ‘For Im Building A People Of Power’ (Collection Hymn)
#780 (Songs Of Fellowship) – ‘How Deep The Fathers Love For Us’
#208 (Christian Hymns) – ‘Great High Priest, We View Thee Stooping’ (Communion Hymn)

Evening Service:
Bible Reading & Sermon: Rev. John Williams Reading: Isaiah 1:1-20

Hymns Sung:

#117 (Christian Hymns) – ‘Mighty Christ From Time Eternal’
#1630 (Songs Of Fellowship) – ‘Wonderful Grace’ (Collection Hymn)
#1187 (Songs Of Fellowship) – ‘Before The Throne Of God Above’
#485 (Christian Hymns) – ‘The Blood Of Christ, Thy Spotless Lamb’

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