Sunday School

At Bethel, we value highly the benefit and lessons Sunday School can bring the children of the members, adherents and our wider community in and around Gorseinon. We meet together every Sunday for one hour, starting at 12pm each week after the morning service. We warmly welcome children from a wide age range, starting from as young as 3, to older children of the age 14+… even the parents are welcome to stay as well, although alternatively it presents an opportunity for a quiet hour at home while the lunch needs to be prepared!

Our hour together starts off in prayer followed by a few songs which often fall in line with the theme of the days stories. Many of the songs we sing have a range of enthusiastic actions which often brings a smile to everyone’s faces, especially when the children see some of the adults attempting the more challenging ones!

Before we separate into classes based on age, we have a recap of the previous weeks stories, with questions opened up to the children who volunteer their answers. This is followed by the most important part of our time together… the story! It’s an important opportunity for us to portray the important values and lessons the bible has to offer from both the old and new testament. We follow the ‘Go Teach’ based lesson scheme, accompanied by the ‘Come Learn’ books for the children. Every term, they receive their own book to work through each week and then to keep once it’s complete. Activities range from colouring in, cutting out and sticking down for the young ones, to more stimulating brain challenging puzzles for the older ones! But importantly, the lessons taught each week are reinforced by the activities and help the children remember the content from every story.

But the activity of Sunday School doesn’t just end there. The children also occasionally enjoy contributing to the Bethel Family Services. These are sometimes held at holiday times such as Christmas, Easter and Harvest. The children may bring items to the service such as songs, readings or prayers and it provides an opportunity for their parents to come along and support them and see what they’ve been learning over the weeks beforehand.

With so many attractions drawing attention away from meetings such as Sunday School, we feel it’s important to try and bring our communities focus back to the moral foundations and fundamental truths from scripture that Sunday School has to offer. With God as our help and central focus we hope to bring this all important meeting back to the forefront of family life…. So, why not join in with us, and give your child the benefit of Sunday School?

We look forward to seeing you there!

(Meeting synopsis written by Samuel Reeve – Sunday School Leader)