No.5: Found It Yet?

Have You Found It Yet? (Spring/Summer 2008)

You either love them or loathe them! Nearly every magazine and newspaper these days has a word puzzle that either jumps out at you straight away or seems just as unsolvable after twenty minutes of intense brain-cell activity.
In case you haven’t found it yet, the word in the grid is Salvation. You may or may not have solved it easily, but the finding of your soul’s salvation may be a more difficult exercise.
Finding salvation has little to do with academic ability. It has more to do with the ability and eagerness of the One who is seeking you.
Because of our natures we struggle with forces within and without that lead us astray. We find ourselves seeing other words in the grid (vain, loans, lost, toil, sin) and not finding the main answer.
The way of salvation is obtained by understanding the purpose for the coming of Jesus Christ into this world. He dealt with the consequences of our thoughts, words and deeds by suffering in the place of the guilty. His goodness and cleanness can be transferred to us, enabling us to be forgiven and restored and be certain of acceptance.
Ask God to show you the way of salvation. By reading the Gospel accounts of the life of Christ you will find the answers you have been looking for.
If you get stuck on a puzzle you can always wait for the next edition and look up the answer. It’s not a life or death issue. However, now is the accepted time, now is the day of salvation. Look it up in the Bible.

┬áDon’t leave it too late or it will be too late.