No.1: Life Has Many Choices

Life Has Many Choices...

Whether it’s electing a new government for the next four years; deciding if Gorseinon wants or needs a large superstore; purchasing a house; signing up to a mortgage; buying carpets, cookers or curtains – everyone has to weigh up so many factors in choosing well.
A few of our choices are trivial: for example, will it be cheese or baked beans with our jacket potato? Other choices require more careful thought, such as deciding on whom to marry – this is one of the best or worst decisions you can make.
Some of the choices we make are irreversible. You can stop smoking today and begin to improve your health. You can change your diet, take more exercise and lessen the chances of major illnesses.
However, the choices for eternity are plain.Either you choose to make this world all that you have but lose your own soul, or you can turn to God in sorrow for the past, trust the Lord Jesus Christ for the present and be assured of heaven in the eternal future. Not to choose Christ is still to make a choice.
Perhaps you remember from Sunday School days the story of JOshua who saw the walls of Jericho come tumbling down? Later in his life Joshua said ” as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” What’s your choice?

Choose well.      

Choose Christ.

Choose life.