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For starters, thanks for taking a wristband and checking us out!!!

If you are here then I’m sure you’ll want to know more about us, right!?

So who are we?

We are a Youth group run and based at Bethel Evangelical Church, Gorseinon. Run by various ages for various ages. We exist to welcome you into our group, mix with other youth that you might not have met before, have some fun, learn about Jesus, why he came to this earth and we died on a cross and what it means to know him.

So what do you do in this youth club?

We run various activities that change each week. From table games to popular retro board games, team games to icebreakers (games to get to know each other), we sing modern worship hymns that you might know from popular bands or artists, do some craft. Each week will feature a talk from one of our youth team and occasionally a visitor will come and treat us to something we’ve never heard before.
One thing is for sure each week will be different.

What don’t we do!?

We encourage to get to know each other, so this isn’t a youth group where you can just turn up, and just come to mess about. Other youth groups might exist for a place for you and your friends to go to, but ‘Youth At Bethel’ is run by people, for people. If you wanna do something different, and have some genuine fun, you wont go far wrong.

What else do I need to know!?

We don’t just operate a youth group in the church, occasionally we will have trips to other churches and maybe some treats throughout the year which include bowling and other activities like camps. But this isn’t just something we do as a matter of course, these will be free events but you’ll need to attend often, get to know us, let us get to know you. And then you’ll find out that Youth At Bethel just isn’t another youth group.

How can I find out more!? What if I have more questions!?

We’re not mind readers, and as much as I would like to sit here and try to answer every question you MIGHT have, it would be alot easier to get in touch.

Don’t be afraid to comment below with a question, contact us on 07876 680533 or click onto our Facebook Page ( to see photos, ask questions, meet other attendees and go from there!

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