This page is dedicated to the description and history behind this website.

As a church website, I was approached to come up with a design that went away from those typical, static HTML based websites, which display the same constant information, week in, week out.

I had little internet expereince and certainly no website building history, so my personal brief was simple:

It had to be dynamic, easily update-able, accessible by numerous members of the church, cheap to run and look the part.

I came across many flash based programs and most were visually impressive and cost a bit from their developers, but updating and changing written information in flash was difficult. And HTML pages were nice but trying to ‘code’ a photo where you wanted it on the page for example, took too much of my time.

I discovered the plaform ’wordpress’ after seeing another church running it, but after more research, it was clear that this was ‘blog’ based software, and I didnt exactly have that daily inputted data for the website.

Most blog themes display your posts in one long window, with the older ones pushed down the page. I wanted something that would overlap old ones, and have constant areas of the page dediated to certain criteria.

Most church websites seem to be very ‘click happy’ and ‘hide away’ their information, making it difficult to find, so I based my design upon a church notice board where the information was laid out but not too overpowering like some homepages. I didnt like most paid themes as the layout didnt fit what I had in mind.

After many testing with numerous themes which overlay wordpress, what you see here is the final result.

I have wordpress running underneath BranfordMagazine theme designed by Micheal Oeser, located at

Plus many other widgets and plugins which support the use of the website, which are:

WP-Bible Plugin by Matej Nastran. Which adds mouse over bible passages in the sermon podcasts.
podPress Plugin by Dan Kuykendall. Which gives the mp3 sermon streaming/podcasting capability.
Event Calendar Plugin by Alex Tingle. Which gives the dynamic event calender you see to the right.
Dagon Design Form Mailer Plugin by Dagon Design. Which gives us the user selectable contact form.

Feel free to contact if you have any questions regarding the use of any of these plugins or the theme for your website. I recieved help when making mine and see to give out the same support to others.

All the software, themes and plugins mentioned above are free to access and use on your own website.